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Arms XL

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned here, but one of the most incredibles changes that Rocío’s has had with ABR has been losing the spasticity in her arms. Now she can extend them, she can touch her belly or her hair. She doesn’t do much yet with her arms, but this is I guess the first step to funtional arms.

Here is a video of Rocío on her bath time. You can see her extra large arms, or at least they look like that to us, because 1 year ago, they were glu to her body, folden, spastic. Now she can even take them out of the tub!!!!!

I must way, because of the Bree Van Der Kamp hidden and oppresed in me, that the brown line in the tub is because of the herbal baths that we give to Rocío as part of her fitotherapy.

Having say that, here is her video. Please feel free to comment!!! I’m missing your feedback 🙂


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