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Maclaren special needs

I’ve heard from tons of parents how great the Maclaren special needs stroller is. I’ve never seen one before, as Chile has a really poor market in wheelchair and related stuff, but motivated from many great reviews, we decided to buy one. We bough it in the States and then a friend brought it here this week. I was shocked! It is HUGE compared with our regular umbrella stroller! So I wasn’t so excited about it until we went for a ride…

Now I see why they all love it. It is so, but SO easy to drive! I definitely loved it. Although it needs some adjustments, the seat alone is not enough for us, we put on the same foam seat we used on the old stroller. Fits perfect since it was originaly made for the Maclaren. So it was all worthy. Here are some pictures of our first ride, we went to my parents house to pick up gramma (they live a block away from us) and then to our nearest playground area.


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