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Rocío started preschool this year, when she was about 3 and a half years old. She goes to a ‘normal’ preschool, the only thing ‘special’ about is all the lovely people who works in it and all the wonderful kids in it. It is kinda famouse for ‘integrating’ kids with Down Syndrome, but have never had a kid with CP before. They have been nothing but enthusiastic and comprehensive with us since the begining. We consider our selves very lucky to have found this particular preschool, it was a long way to found it.

But it hasn’t been easy, Rocío likes to be really really close to us. So when we started on april I stayed with her in the classroom for about 3 weeks, until she felt comfortable with her teachers. Then she was very happy about going to preschool, started to learn new songs and developing friendships. Yes! She has friends now! That was huge for us. But then came winter and she wasn’t able to go for almost 3 months…

So now it’s all over again! For the last 2 weeks I’ve been attending preschool again! Sad part is that I’m totaly happy about it! I truly LOVE going! We have such an amazing time. I love playing with some of the kids and watching them helping Rocío to play, to walk o just kissing her. They are SO friendly!!! Meanwhile, I’ve been talking to the teachers about how to hold her, feed her, talk to her, help her with drawing, walking, etc… All of those things that are so normal to us but that aren’t obvious at all!

Hopefully this week would be my last in the preschool… I know it should be a good thing, but I’m going to miss this little ones so much! If Rocio could feel half the love I’ve felt in this preschool, she couldn’t be luckier.

Rocio and her 'super' friend

Isidora and Rocio

Rocio telling a story

Rocio telling a story


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