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GFCF and vegan!

So It’s been a while since my last post. Last seizure turned our world upside down. She was until then taking 2 drugs for her ‘epilepsy’ (I don’t think she is epileptic, it’s just another symptom of her brain damage to me). When she first sized, almost 3 months ago, doctors put her into a coma… And she has never been her self again. The epi drugs she is in makes her really sleepy, she is not as happy nor as active as she used to be. With this second seizure doctors gave her another epi med, one that makes her even MORE sleepy and absent of this world.

I’m not settling for this. I’m not putting my daughter to sleep for months or even years. I’m just not!! But… doctors love drugs, it’s all they can do. So we started to search for our options. And we found a lovely one: the GFCF diet. No, it’s not only for autism. It can also work for other neurological disorders such as epilepsy. Googling around I found out Dogtor J recommendation of this diet for epilepsy, and many success stories. So we were sure, we had to go GFCF and give it a shot!

Then I found out that a vegan doctor that has treated my mother and grandmother for almost 20 years, also happens to be a neurologist. So I though he could help us getting her off the meds as soon as possible. And as early as tuesday, just a couple of days after the second seizure, we had our appointment with him. And it went GREAT! He told us he couldn’t just treat the epilepsy because it was a part of her brain damage (ding!) and then explained us his theory about seizures: a circulation problem. So he gave us some tools to improve her circulation along with a great diet full with nutrients for her brain and nervous system.

And guess what? I wrote to ABR about our new treatment and they were so excited. Turns out they see seizures the same way!!! I was so happy to read this! It reassured me we are doing the right thing!!! The trainer said doctor’s explanation of seizure activity follows along the same line as theirs. He was so happy that we’ve found this doctor, he said his excellent approach and very open mind to the entire situationĀ  will be of great value for us. I agree!!!

So on wednesday we bough all we needed to start her new diet (just her’s for the moment) and on thursday we started. Just a week before it all started. So I’ve been busy!!! But guess what… The very first day she slept all night. She hds never done this before!! We’ve had so many sleeping issues… And now she has slept every single night since she is not eating cow milk. Can you believe it? Four years not sleeping, four days sleeping. Is this working or what?


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