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Hello, Universe?

Sometimes things happen that make me think there is something more in the universe that just people living their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy atheist (otherwise, I’d be SO MAD at that one!). But I just feel somehow we are all united… Sometimes.

This week on one of my favorite shows, Ellen, she invited Jenny McCarthy (show here is a couple of weeks delayed). Known actress, model and playboy mate. Now she is also a ‘mother warrior’. She has a 6 year old son with autism due to vaccination at 15 months. He was diagnosed at 3yo and she inmediatly started a special diet for him and claims that one year after starting it he didnt show any autistic symptoms.

A few days before, Marcela wrote about McCarthy on her blog. McCarthy wrote a book called ‘Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Agains All Odds’ and Marcela was inspired by McCarthy’s words. She believes mothers play a very important role in their child rehabilitation. She her self is part of a community of mothers taking rehabilitation into their hands, with treatments that convencional medicine doesn’t approve and guided by the idea of going back to what’s natural, trying to go back to the era when autism was not an epidemy.

Sooo… Epilepsy is a metabolic issue and to many, it’s treatable with the right diet. I’ve been ignoring this for a while, mostly because of my lazyness. I didn’t want to deal with diet changes and specially I didn’t want to have more reasons to fight with doctors… But now I don’t want to ignore it anymore. Today I feel the universe is talking to me (metaphoricaly speaking…) that this is our next step. It feels right! Difficult, but right! So far I’m only talking about reducing or eliminating dairy from her (or our) diet. Would that be too hard?

Here is Marcela’s quote frome McCarthy’s book. It is quite impressive how it seems to work just fine with ABR and convencional therapy… I could relate with most of the things McCarthy said on Ellen show. She call us ‘mother warriors’ I call us ‘mamás terapeutas’, but we are talking about the same thing. I guess what I’ve discovered is that ‘mother wariors’ don´t get to pick their battles… We just got to fight them all for our kids!

The most powerful tool of a mother who has a child with autism is the power of believing her child will get better. If your mind is consantly second-guessing and questioning the validity of biomedical treatments when so many moms are saying they help, then that is the path you will stay on. You will stay in the unknown. But if you are determined to heal your child and all of your focus is toward that goal, then your path will be with those who have recovered their children. Nowhere else. There is no second-guessing in this direction. There is not trying the diet halfway in this direction. There are NO excuses in this direction. There’s only focus, determination, faith, and a clear vision of the best possible outcome for the child.


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