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Celebrating 2 years

Today is another day to celebrate, to celebrate and be thankfull for how lucky we’ve been. Today we celebrate twoFamily picture during our first ABR training years in ABR. That’s right, on this day 2 years ago this great adventure began. Although it seems much longer for all that this time has meant, for all that each of us has changed since then.  It’s been more than 3000 hours of ABR in these two years, you just have to look at the picture accompanying this post, taken when we finished our first training (thanks Gavin for the photo!).

That new year was very different, we started 2008 with so many hopes, so many dreams, so nervous. On January 4th we left to Argentina, having no idea to what we were going. Back then, there were more families in Chile to ask to, there we no ABR blogs in Spanish and the mailing lists that existed we didn’t know. We simply went without asking much.  We had a good feeling …
It was Jan. 5th when they teach us the first exercise: Chest. But we did not understand anything. We were in a room with 3 more new families and two coaches of ABR Canada. The day finished and still did not understand much … That was just practice and we needed the theory. It was the next day, when we got the ABR explanatory talk that everything changed. I remember that my husband and I were attonished. We were surprised and amazed. Also happy because we finally understood what was happening to our daughter’s body and the solution was in our hands. We looked each other and there was no need to say any words. This was it, everything else was left behind.

My mother at that time was with Rocio and could not pay much attention to the talk, but she heard enough to know that this was what we wanted, what we needed: a noninvasive therapy for our daughter, a therapy that does not require us to put an orthotic, botox, to make her bear weight or stretch her. Por fin podíamos dejar tratamientos que se oponían al instinto de madre y al sentido común. Finally we could stop a treatment that opposed to mother’s instinct and common sense. We could see a more normal and happy life.  At that moment, everything changed. When we left the room, the new team was set: the 3 of us would be her therapists from now on. The change was instantaneous.

Two years from that …  But I think I’ll never forget, besides we relive it every time new families begin a nd find this true wonder. Today fortunately many families know and choose this method, so many that we have our own satellite in Chile … We are not alone anymore in this adventure, on the contrary, we are surrounded by many families that live and share this amazing experience  and our initial surprise reapears every time we see how are changing these children’s bodies and functions.  Many friends, something that we did not suspect will came along with the therapy.
I thought the ABR would be only a change in the method of rehabilitation, but for us it was much more than that. To begin with, there are friends, a true community of parents together no matter how distant we live, we find support, care and understanding as nowhere else.  We also gained a more normal life, which has our home and family as the core rather than rehabilitation centers, doctors and therapists. Also, my daughter’s health has also improved. ABR improves quality of life in many aspects, most of them unimaginable when we started.
We have also grown as parents. ABR finally allowed me to achieve this union between ‘mother’ and ‘therapist’ that I craved, one with no conflict between them. A humanized therapy, which enhances the mother-child bond, where no children are asked to do the impossible every day nor invasive and painful methods are used, but one that respects their pace and the focus is on what we do have and not on what is missing. A therapy where there is progress and is evident to all. This is a very significant change, which now allows me to think about positive motherhood, concerned to cultivate positive self-esteem and thus her happiness. Because that is our true goal as parents.
As you can see, there is much to celebrate. Mainly, my daughter now has a healthier body, stronger and more functional. I celebrate that all the expectations that we had two years ago were amply met.  I thank the day decided to start, thank the our never well-considered piece of craziness for daring, I thank having had the enormous good fortune to found ABR and, of course, grateful to ABR and the team behind for all it has given us. That and more, we will continue to share our ABR experience with others so that every day more families can have it as an option. I love ABR!

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Back home

Our last ABR trip ended last thursday, since then we’ve been trying to get used to our new daily rutine. Everything is so different now! The good thing is that non of the new exercises requires us to stand up in one foot for an hour our more, jijiji, this is great. The even better thing is that we brought the ABR machine with us! We are really happy about it and lucky for us our daughter likes it.

We’ve been ding ABR for a year now and the changes we’ve seen are amazing. I dont have pictures yet, but they are truly amazing. We almost cried when we saw pictures of her first evaluation… What a skinny girl she was! Now she has a big back, a beautyful belly and she bears some weight on her arms, she is starting to sit, hold her head, talk… We love ABR.

Another interesting thing is that we spoke a lot with the trainners about our alternative treatment for our daughter abnormal braing waves (for me she doesnt have epilepsy). I love the fact that we are on hte same path here with ABR. They understand seizures very different from regular medicine (if regular doctors understand seizures at all…). The trainner have talked to Mr. Blyum about our treatments and they are nothing but supporting, for them is this kind of stuff that works. Not the meds, the meds only make things worst. Reeeaaaaally worst.

FYI, our alternative treatments are:

  • special diet without casein (milk protein) and sugar (she eats a little bit of gluten, the one of the highest quality).
  • One ABR exercises that helps her with brain fluids circulation
  • Mud helmet for circulation also
  • Cold frictions, that are a very useful natural treatment. Is like doing a ‘reboot’ to the body. If she has a seizure again, this is what will stop it.
  • Tons of herbs to ‘feed’ the nervous system

And all this results in a clean and normal EEG almost inmediatly. With no side effects, just a happy, awaken and healthy girl.

So we have several reasons to be happy with ABR. Is nice to work ‘with’ someone and no ‘against’. Besides, all the kids we know in ABR are doing so much better, they’ve had an amazing progress. Our daughter not so much for the last period, but… She was hospitalized 3 times in 5 months, she was really sleppy with the epi meds and because of them she even had kidney issues that made her really sick. So this period has been really hard for her. To do just  ‘as expected’ and not ‘great’ like last time, ir more that we can ask for. Is another thing that we love about ABR, that if you do the hours, you’ll see changes no matter what.

I hope next time will be different. Now that she is much better and that we have the machine, we are positive she’ll be much better.

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Hi there

It’s been a while since my last post, sorry for this. I guess is kind of hard for me to start a new blog, with all it means, when I have another that has many readers and such wonderfull people constantly reading and commenting. But… We have to start some where, I know.

We are right now at our third ABR session here in Buenos Aires. It has been all very quiet and exciting at the same time. Today we have our evaluation, which for me is the best part of the trainnings, is what give you strenght to continue, to go back home and pump like you havent pumped before…

I hope the evaluation goes well, we are a little scared because the last months has been crazy and we havent seen much change in her body. Since the epi diagnosis everything changed. This trip is the first we do with all of our epi treatments and it has been so exhausting. SO exhausting. But, the good thing is that we are half way to get our daughter off the epi meds and she is much better thanks to that. I’m sure this next period of ABR will be better because of all the trouble we are getting into.

So that’s it. I’ll share later how did the evaluation goes and some pictures when I have them. Hope some of you still read this blog 🙂

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