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Come meet the family

Here is the chilean ABR family. We are 11 families already doing ABR, yesterday 7 of us got together to have a very nice reunion. 4 more are already sign in for next trainning.

This is just starting.


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ABR in a chilean magazine

Yeah, how cool is that! This saturday a 7 pages story was published about us and our ABR journey. It has had a big impact, tons of families have contacted me or the ABR center, some unfortunally are asking their PT and OT about it, imagine what are they going to hear…

But I’ve meet a lot of amazing families, some are very interested in ABR. Yes, the article did it’s work. All the time invested pay off and I am mostly happy because a  lot of families now have HOPE. I believe love is not enough… You also need perseverance and hope, that’s my modo!Reportaje Paula

So, here is the link to the article in Revista Paula (most sell chilean magazine), but it’s in spanish… I have to tell you that Jacqui and Kathryn‘s blogs are mentioned (yes, Moo and Ellie appear on a magazine in some country far far away). And that my daughter looks beautyful in the pictures, although the ones they put one line aren’t the best. Anyway, we are pretty happy about it and very proud that our story is a happy one 🙂

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