Working mom?

Again, sorry for not writing in this blog as much as I do in my spanish blog. It’s quite hard to keep up both! But, I do have an excuse this time! Turns out ‘mamaterapeuta’ (therapist mother) is back on bussines… Well, not technically ‘back’ since I’ve never worked before, but you got the idea.

When Rocío was born, I was still studying. So her first year I finish my degree in Linguistics (yes, I’m a linguist), that gave me planny of time to be with her. Then college was finish and I realised that I couldn’t quite yet start working, so… I signed up for a Master in Linguistics. This year I’m supposed to get my degree, I’m working on my thesis right now, and I’m very happy about it.

I wasn’t thinking about starting to work yet. I was actually considering signing up for the Ph.D. after this! But… One day someone called me and asked if I could teach ‘Phonetics’ at X University. I actually said that I’d have to think about it, but I called back 2 minutes after and said YES!!! Phonetics is my ‘thing’.

So then I was happy about starting to teach and ending my M.A. But then I received another call… Could you be a part of a support group for premature babies? This time I answer right away: yes! It has been much more work than I thought, because the group is just starting and we are doing everything that this type of group requires. We haven’t help any parent yet, but our first reunion is in a couple of weeks, so I’m pretty excited about that too.

Then I was talking to the owner of the store that has made almost every special equipment we’ve used in the last 3 years. She is a friend at this point… And all of the sudden, we are starting a business together, one that would hopefully help people with special needs.

To make everything more exciting, I then received an email from a local Magazine asking me to do an interview. Go figure! I was TOTALLY excited about this, the journalist loved our story and I’m not sure how much she is going to write, but we’ve meet already 4 times and we are still not over.

So… One thing lead to the other, and now it turns out that I have 5 things to do. A meeting for every day of the week. And I’m a mother who wants to dedicate truly to her special needs child! This is not was I had on mind. My idea was this year just finish my M.A. nicely and hopefully write a book, which is something to many people are suggesting for me not to do it, and besides, I’d love to write it and it’s almost done in my mind.

Would I last doing all this??? Who knows… All I know is that this year is looking fantastic!!! And the funniest thing is that ‘mama terapeuta’ gets more jobs offers and is much more popular than me beeing just a linguist! How crazy is that? Deffinetly ‘insanity’ is just around the corner…


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