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Our last ABR trip ended last thursday, since then we’ve been trying to get used to our new daily rutine. Everything is so different now! The good thing is that non of the new exercises requires us to stand up in one foot for an hour our more, jijiji, this is great. The even better thing is that we brought the ABR machine with us! We are really happy about it and lucky for us our daughter likes it.

We’ve been ding ABR for a year now and the changes we’ve seen are amazing. I dont have pictures yet, but they are truly amazing. We almost cried when we saw pictures of her first evaluation… What a skinny girl she was! Now she has a big back, a beautyful belly and she bears some weight on her arms, she is starting to sit, hold her head, talk… We love ABR.

Another interesting thing is that we spoke a lot with the trainners about our alternative treatment for our daughter abnormal braing waves (for me she doesnt have epilepsy). I love the fact that we are on hte same path here with ABR. They understand seizures very different from regular medicine (if regular doctors understand seizures at all…). The trainner have talked to Mr. Blyum about our treatments and they are nothing but supporting, for them is this kind of stuff that works. Not the meds, the meds only make things worst. Reeeaaaaally worst.

FYI, our alternative treatments are:

  • special diet without casein (milk protein) and sugar (she eats a little bit of gluten, the one of the highest quality).
  • One ABR exercises that helps her with brain fluids circulation
  • Mud helmet for circulation also
  • Cold frictions, that are a very useful natural treatment. Is like doing a ‘reboot’ to the body. If she has a seizure again, this is what will stop it.
  • Tons of herbs to ‘feed’ the nervous system

And all this results in a clean and normal EEG almost inmediatly. With no side effects, just a happy, awaken and healthy girl.

So we have several reasons to be happy with ABR. Is nice to work ‘with’ someone and no ‘against’. Besides, all the kids we know in ABR are doing so much better, they’ve had an amazing progress. Our daughter not so much for the last period, but… She was hospitalized 3 times in 5 months, she was really sleppy with the epi meds and because of them she even had kidney issues that made her really sick. So this period has been really hard for her. To do just  ‘as expected’ and not ‘great’ like last time, ir more that we can ask for. Is another thing that we love about ABR, that if you do the hours, you’ll see changes no matter what.

I hope next time will be different. Now that she is much better and that we have the machine, we are positive she’ll be much better.


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