Recently, my blog was linked with ABR at Jacqui’s blog. This was pretty special to us, considering we found out about ABR on her blog. Anyway, I have been writing a lot about all the other crazy stuff we do and haven’t really written about what I like the most: ABR. I’m a HUGE fan, my spanish blog pretty much looks like ABR propaganda. I must add that we don’t do any PT, OT, Speech therapy, hippo or anything else since we started ABR.

So I though I’ll give a brief update here. We started ABR in january of 2008, 10 months ago, and so far we’ve done 650 hours (please, don’t do the math). First six months we were very lucky, Rocio showed an amazing progress according to ABR trainners. After that came the seizures and everything changed. But I did a list with some of the last changes when we got to 600, and here it is so you can see some of the reasons why I love ABR. This list has no order, but I’m also including some of the first changes, since they haven’t reversed and keep on improving.

  • She can move her legs indepently. This happened around 400 hours.
  • She is now able to sit for almost 1 minute (also about 400 hours).
  • Her trunk is much more stronger, this is the first change we saw and it has improved every week.
  • Arms and legs more loose. No more botox!!!
  • She can move her tongue a lot more. Now she moves foods side to side.
  • She has gained some body weight!! She was really skinny before and now she has a beautifull belly. This also translate in a couple of extra pounds. She is percentile 50 in height and weight charts of neurtypical kids.
  • She has a neck now!!! A long wonderfull one that is now getting wider and stronger.
  • Better head control.
  • Amazing long arms. She explores everything wih her hands now, she is using both arms a lot better (no hands yet, although they are more open and relaxed)
  • Better trunk shape, she almost doesn’t have a ‘diamond shaped’ ribcage anymore.
  • She has started to roll. Sometimes, she rolls 180° while she sleeps, wich is very good for our sleeping situation.
  • She pets us, her cats and also her classmates.
  • She talks more and her voice sounds different. Her crying sound more like a child and less like a baby.
  • She sings, sings and sings all day long. She loves to sing and we love to listen to her singing, even when is more like saying a vowel at the end of a sentence. A month ago she only sung some songs, now she plays along with any song that’s on the radio.
  • She is always looking for something to hold on to.
  • She is more independant. She can stay alone in a room for a while, before she needed to see you all the time. She can also play by herself for a while.
  • Shoulder blades and girdles are in much better position.
  • Did I mention she can sit now?

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